wealth Optimizer

Highest data quality and financial recommendations integrated into your front end

With the “wealth Optimizer” module, you can provide your clients with personalized recommendations for investment products based on real asset and portfolio data. These functions fit seamlessly into your existing front end.


Easy integration

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This is how the "wealth Optimizer" works.

With our wealth Optimizer solution, your users get a simple overview of all of their assets. The solution recognizes and visualizes risks and opportunities and suggests suitable products to your customers – all in the familiar design of your existing solution.


Optimize your offer through personalization and enable your customers to make individual financial decisions. Use your existing reach to tap into additional monetization opportunities.


Simple data collection via interfaces to banks and brokers


Smart product suggestions from our wealthAPI AI


Seamless integration into your existing solution

The advantages

Your advantages through theintegration of wealth Optimizer.

Do your customers want additional personalized tools to optimize their own finances, but you don’t have the interfaces or licenses to retrieve the necessary data? We give you access to this data and the intelligent product suggestions that can be generated from the data. You are given an additional opportunity to monetize your existing reach.


Satisfied users


Permanent additional income

Intelligent product suggestions - direct sales. wealthAPI works with leading partners from the fields of investment and asset management.

Invest in ETFs

Digital asset management

Professional wealth management

Portfolio management software

Funds discount and funds cashback

Fixed-term deposits

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