wealthAPI Feature: Dividend Planner

All distributions at a glance with the dividend planner.

Our dividend planner provides your clients with an overview of their dividend history and also forecasts future dividend income. This allows your customers to plan for upcoming distributions throughout the year and optimize their portfolio.

The Dividend Planner in detail


  • Precisely calculates important indicators such as the portfolio-wide dividend yield, personal dividend yield and the expected dividend increase over the next few years.
  • Dividend calendar: Our dividend calendar shows your customers when they can expect which payment. It contains gimmicks such as the current return compared to the personal return (based on the purchase price) or gross and net values.
  • We support analyst estimates for shorter forecast periods and apply predictive math for longer forecast periods.
  • Dividend Manager: With our Dividend Manager, your clients can easily manage their dividend data. For example, they can assign a complete dividend history with just a few clicks. The dividend manager supports functions such as automatic tax reporting and notification of missing or late dividend payments.

Users are on track with their finances at all times


History and future distributions


Images of the Dividend Planner in practice


Data security

The protection of your customer data is our top priority. As a regulated account information service, we work in accordance with German banking security and data protection standards.

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Note for developers

Simple integration of the Dividend Planner feature into your systems via our wealthAPI

Do you already have a wealthAPI module integrated on your platform? Then you can also seamlessly integrate the Dividend Planner into your existing systems. Further technical details can be found in our documentation.

Read our API documentation

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