AI-based financial technology forsmart financial decisions.

Pioneering a transformative financial ecosystem, we empower B2B partners to provide personalized products at the perfect moment.

What do your customers need?

Option 1: Plug & Play

Increase revenue per user.Without any effort on your part.

Inspire your users with their own “financial home” on your platform, delivering an integrated marketplace for investment products. Plug&Play provides AI-based product recommendations to reduce investment risk and optimize return.


Your corporate identity


No running costs


Immediate returns

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Option 2: wealth Optimizer

Highest data quality in the market.The best of both worlds.

Enjoy the advantages and functionalities of the “Plug&Play” solution, while defining and building the frontend youself. The “Wealth Optimizer” module provides you with aggregation, analysis and refinement of transactional data.


Easy integration


BaFin regulated


No running costs

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Option 3: Pure

Software-as-a-service module.Your Multibanking Enabler.

Use our portfolio analysis tools that integrate with your existing solution. Whether securities, crypto or real assets – we aggregate and analyze your users’ portfolio data. Based on the analytics, you offer the right product at the right time.


Easy integration




BaFin regulated

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Why wealthAPI?

Intelligent product suggestions - direct transactions wealthAPI works with leading partners in the investment and asset management sectors.

Invest in ETFs

DigitalAsset management

Professional wealth management

Portfolio management software

Funds discount and funds cashback

Fixed-term deposits

Overview wealthAPI modules

Plug & Play Wealth Optimizer Pure
Portfolio analysis
AI-based product recommendations
Without own IT effort
Customer service
Running costs
Own frontend
Dividend Planner optional optional optional
Cashflow analyzer optional optional optional
Contract Analytics optional optional optional

PSD2 Compliance

PSD2 license made easy. With us you comply with all PSD2 requirements.

Using the license umbrella will make you fully compliant with all PSD2 requirements, covering “classic” multibanking as well as access to modern FinTech offerings.

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Open Wealth - Made in Germany. wealthAPI is the leading provider of Open Wealth Interfaces.

We are a BaFin-regulated account information service. Setting standards for portfolio management and Open Wealth APIs at our Berlin headquarter.

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BAFIN registered

Security and regulatory compliance is part of our DNA. As a regulated account information service, we rely on state-of-the-art technology to ensure agility and scalability while maintaining the highest security standards.


Hosting in Germany


Scalable SaaS solution


Best data quality

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