wealthAPI for financial influencers

Monetize existing reach efficiently

With the wealthAPI modules, you can offer your users their own “financial home” with an integrated marketplace for investment products. Users will spend more time on your platform and are more likely to come back quicker. This allows you to generate predictable and recurring income.


More revenue from your customer base

Why wealthAPI?

Followers become paying customers.

Become independent of affiliate links and generate recurring income through an additional offer. On request, we can build a state-of-the-art portfolio app for you, tailored to your needs and in your own corporate design so that you do not even need own IT resources.


Satisfied users


Permanent additional income

Overview wealthAPI modules

Plug & Play module Wealth Optimizer module Pure module
Portfolio analysis
AI-based product recommendations
Without own IT effort
Customer service
Running costs
Own frontend
Feature: Dividend Planner optional optional optional
Feature: Cash flow analyzer optional optional optional
Feature: Contract Analytics optional optional optional

Customers who trust us.These modules are being used by our customers.

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