API Documentation

Easy, fast and scalable

wealthAPI uses an ‚API first‘ approach, meaning all finance manager and multi-banking functionality is available via a modern, REST based API.


The wealthAPI API is a RESTful interface for accessing the wealthAPI system programmatically.

Regulatory Compliance for Account Information Services

wealthAPI provides PSD2 relevant services via its partners. As a customer of wealthAPI services, regulatory requirements of the European PSD2 regulation (ZAG law in Germany) may apply to you. Please visit our PSD2 regulations page for details.

Technical documentation

Please find our API documentation in OpenAPI format below.

To get started, we provide tutorials and background information on our confluence developer page. These tutorials provide you with a technical first-steps guide from user creation to importing your first bank connection. It also provides important background information on user management and on keeping your user credentials secure.

wealthAPI PURE core API

The wealthAPI PURE core API provides endpoints for account, investment and transaction management and analytics. This is what you would typically refer to as the “Portfolio manager”.

wealthAPI brokerage API

The wealthAPI brokerage API provides access to our in-house brokerage connections such as Trade Republic or Scalable Capital. Please note that this currently is a read-only API; i.e. we provide a powerful data import data but do not execute trades.

Please see the following background article listing the different multi-banking / multi-brokerage options that we are providing.

PDF parsing API

This service allows to seemingly parse order and SEPA-transaction data from your banks PDF statements. We provide additional documentation on PDF and CSV import here.